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Welcome to Centerpoint Stewardship!

Life is full of tricky financial decisions:

  • How do we save up for college successfully?
  • Is there really a way for me and my family to ever get out of debt?
  • How do we navigate planning for retirement? If we are already retired, how do we make sure our money will last?
  • How do we manage our income and benefits to maximize our compensation?
  • What are the best ways to purchase a home or a car?
  • Can I save on my bills? From cable to my heating and everything in between?

These might be just some of the huge questions we face in our lives. Unless we are financial experts, these questions can paralyze us and leave us feeling confused at best, and hopeless at worth.

At Centerpoint, we want to fix that. We want to walk alongside you, teaching, instructing, imparting wisdom, and helping in order to make you a wise manager of your finances. So that you can find freedom and live a healthy life. To get started, check out our mini-books in our store, or give us a call today!